E-Retail Agri Business

With the changing life in urban India, convenience and door-step service is the most important part of retail purchase. AIPL is committed to the Change4Life convenience stores programme to increase retail access to fresh fruit and vegetables.
The aim is to increase retail access to fresh fruits and vegetables in urban areas by providing convenience with a range of support and branded point-of-sale materials and equipments.
The available variety, purchase price and quality of fresh fruits and vegetables on sale and the purchase price compared to a major supermarket will induce the consumer to use the online AIPL service.
AIPL will fund chilled cabinets and free point-of-sale materials A Mixed Methods Distribution.
AIPL is committed to reducing costs and losses in transport and storage- marketing and introduction of innovative fresh products to the market – marketing techniques to increase fruit sales at retail point-of-sale- optimizing packaging design- new variety search and evaluation and development of new sales methodologies to reach retail consumer. AIPL is committed to being an important part of “Feeding a billion Indians” through its warehousing and distribution network.