Cold Storages Business

India at present does not have a comprehensive cold chain network. It is, however, estimated to grow many fold.

Owing to the tremendous pressure on improving supply chain and reducing losses during produce handling and movement, there is a need for creation of a cold chain network that is crucial for perishable food commodities. AIPL is focused on building cold storages with multi-purpose facilities using the latest technology focusing on all fruits and vegetable product categories. A climate-controlled supply chain consisting of storage distribution activities, which maintains a product at a given ambient rate, consists of refrigerated warehouses for storage of perishable products.

Considering there is a huge gap in catering to the growth of food demand, AIPL sees high growth prospects for the business along with attractive government incentives making the cold chain business attractive for foreign investments (FDI) and strategic partnerships as well

The market will get a boost from favourable trade policies and the governments will focus on the agro-based sectors. The government has aspirations to set up large mega food parks in multi states. The industry has been identified as a priority sector as the government is committed to developing world-class infrastructure for growth thru food parks and modernisation in the segment in the next 5 years.

AIPL is encouraged with such policies and is committed to expanding its geographical reach with multiple multi-product, multi-purpose cold storages in India.

Every cold storage of AIPL will be strategically located for ease of distribution and the movement of goods will be managed with hi-tech management to lower logistics cost and efficient handling of goods for domestic and international business .

Upcoming project of AIPL: a state-of-the-art 5000MT Controlled Atmosphere(CA) store in Nashik