Cold Storages Business

India at present does not have a comprehensive cold chain network, it is estimated to grow many fold

Owing to the tremendous pressure on improving supply chain and reducing losses during the produce handling and movement, there is a need for creation of cold chain network that is crucial for perishable food commodities. AIPL is focused on building latest technology cold storages with multi-purpose facilities focusing on all fruits and vegetable product categories. A climate controlled supply chain consisting of storage distribution activities which maintains a product at a given ambient rate consist of refrigerated warehouses for storage of perishable products


Development Projects

AIPL will develop projects of various sizes and kinds with extended focus on Housing Redevelopment. The group will venture in redevelopment projects for societies / tenanted properties bringing a modernised lifestyle coupled with better amenities and same old results – A SMILE ON EVERY FACE.

Every Project built by AIPL is development itself. We are committed to continuously dedicate our intellectual potential towards building a better and a smarter structure that walks along with the changing trends and times. CREATING A LANDMARK EVERYWHERE WE GO !!!



Exports Agri Products

Agriculture sector is the mainstay of the Indian economy around which the socio-economic privileges and deprivations revolve, and any change in its structure is expected to have corresponding impact on the existing pattern of social equality

Indian agriculture has attained an impressive growth in the production of food grains that has increased around four times during the planned area of development