With the increasing penetration of Internet connectivity (partly through smartphones) and growing popularity of online shopping, AIPL sees large potential in creating e-stores for Vegetable sale. AIPL understands the retail market and is committed to excellent customer service which can help build a great business. AIPL is creating the infrastructure to assemble and distribute in large metropolitan areas.  AIPL understands that although customer requirements may vary slightly, they are generally looking for the following characteristics from their source of supply.

  • A large volume from one source so they do not have to make many small purchases.
  • A dependable supply which will be available over a long period of time so they do not have to keep locating new sources.
  • A consistent quality of the product and as high a quality as can be purchased at the market price. They also   desire to have a variety of consumer and wholesale packs available from the source so they can meet the varied demands of their retailers.<
  • A source with an established reputation to minimize the risks of not obtaining the quality and condition desired.

AIPL is the consumers answer to all of the above. We are committed to our customer completely !!!