India is the fruit and vegetable basket of the world. India being a home of wide variety of fruits and vegetables holds a unique position in production figures among other countries. The major fruits grown in India are Mangos, Grapes, Apple, Apricots, Orange, Banana Fresh, Avocados, Guava, Lichi, Papaya, Sapota and Water Melons.

AIPL with support from its cold storage business is planning to commercialize retail fruit selling and banana ripening. AIPL plans also branding  fruit and vegetables early  next year.

AIPL is finalizing its plans for  retail marketing pilot in Mumbai. AIPL has engaged about 100 farmers, primarily in Maharashtra. It provides guidance on improved farm practices to these farmers.

AIPL is set to have  footprints in the global  market. The company plans to introduce fruit brand and vegetable brand for which it is in talks with large retail chains super markets and hotel chains.

AIPL plans to introduce apples, grapes, bananas and other fruits under this brand for our Indian consumers. These fruits would be available at select organized retail outlets and in general trade across key metro cities. To start with, we would be launching the best-quality grapes (Nashik)  under our brand shortly. As it is the largest consumer of F&V (fruits and vegetables) in India, we have selected Mumbai as the launch city. With the strong organized retail presence this city has, we see this as a good opportunity for us to gauge the acceptance of a premium fresh fruit brand in the market

We will eventually expand to other metros and tier-II cities subsequently and also extend our brands of fruit and vegetables in export business.




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